Help needed with smartcontracts

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I'm looking for some one to help me built smartcontract for our wallet. You got to be able to write smartcontracts that can do this:

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  • Blockchain
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I'm a full stack developer with 21 years of experience and as a professional i have the technical know how and the deliverable skills require to deliver your task with 100% task delivery right on time. You can chat me up let us discuss and you can also add me on skype concept_developer. Thank you!

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HTML 5, PHP 5, Python NodeJS - ReactJS - React Native - Redux GRUNT - GULP WebGL,Three.JS, D3 WebPack development Experience interfacing web services Source control services ( GIT ) Unit testing using Mocha , Protractor , JEST Databases No SQL - Oracle / MongoDB and MySQL, PostGres,Firebase, etc.. My latest applications building Blockchain, Wallets and ICO general websites are available in my GIT HUB: Also for BLOCKCHAIN and SMART CONTRACTS experience development please look these samples : Thanks

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I have experience in writing smart contracts and have been writing on ethereum block chain since August 2017. I have worked on several smart contacts, inbox me for links.

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I can write smart contract for you with any function you may need. Price is negotiable

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I am 5+years experienced cryptocurrency developer.So far I have developed 15+successfull ICOs. I can develop your smart contract. Let's connect and discuss it.

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Blockchain specialist here. I can develop the smart contract you want quickly, efficiently and professionally. ETA - 10 days from the time of award. Please contact me here, via skype at d2freelancing, or via telegram @revcozmo to discuss your needs in more detail in order to get started immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.

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