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Hello There,
I need a landing/squeze page designed for Crypto/Blockchain project - it will be the mainpage and only webpage of a domain name and the only purpose of this landing page is to collect leads ( email + phone number ) , it does not have to sell any product or anything else but just collect email+phone number leads.
Here is some basic technical and design requirements ( for full project details please contact me so I can share the full details)
- It will be only 1 screensize long , the idea is the website visitor that will load the landing page gets all the information on the current screen without having to scroll down
- It has to be super well optimized for mobile as 60% of the traffic will be mobile and is important the page resizes and loads good on all mobile devices
- It is important not to be very big in size ( KB) as we want to reduce load time to a minimum, graphics can be used and should be used but should be optimized, however if you think the webpage will convert a few times better and should be 2MB to load is still OK
- AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST – the most important is the conversion ratio for the leadgeneration to be as high as possible. So we would need your experience as landing/squeeze page designer to combine design, text and everything else that matters to achieve a high converting landing page. This is our top priority and main goal to design landing page that converts the best.

If you believe you have the experience for this project please PM me or email me at to send you the full details . I will pay for the design in BTC.

Best Regards,

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I can create a single-screen landing page that is mobile optimized but also viewable on other devices. It will be capable of collecting any information you need.

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Hello. I'm professional graphic\digital designer with over 16 years of experience. Here you can see some similar projects

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Hello , I am a cryptocurrency and blockchain developer with 5+ years of experience in blockchain , Website design and development , Ethereum, Bitcoin, smart contracts, ICO, tokens. I have successfully completed many projects for my customers from corporate, charity and public sectors all over the world. Here are Few examples for your reference Links: 1. Bitmillex - (ICO & Core Exchange) 2 . ( coin ) 3 . ( Wallet ) 4 . BitHood - (Exchange Platform) My expertise includes building new cryptocurrencies and performing hardforks of the existing PoS / PoW and MN solutions, modifying algorithms and coin supply schemes, customization of wallets Crypto trading Exchange , ICO Website , Trading bots , Lending Bots , block explorer , mining pool development , blockchain consulting etc. Best Regards

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Hi there, I can do this pretty quickly. Google PageSpeed A+ 100% guaranteed.

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