Logo + 3 Banners

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Project Description

I need a logo and 2 or 3 banners.

Skills required

  • Banner Design
  • Logo Design
  • Posted 06:14 12/07/17
  • Ends 11:14 12/10/17
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I can complete this for you to a high standard and very quickly. Please visit https://penco-media.com

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Hi!, I am interested in completing this task for you. I have designed a few samples of them, if you would like. Feel free to message me. I would love to be working with you soon. Thanks

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Hello I have extensive experience in creating logos and banner printed and online. I tell you more about the logo: Occupation area Your audience Style (young, light, heavy) Learn more about my latest work.: https://jtayrone.info/jobs

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Hello,! I am very interested in designing this for you. I have 10 years of experience in design and illustration and have worked on an array of different projects in the past, so I can cook up whatever you need. ?? Be sure to check out my portfolio, and if you like what you see, hit me up. Cheers and best regards, Marko 😃 Portfolio: https://www.peopleperhour.com/freelancer/marko/super-artist/1926329

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Hong Kong


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Hi, I'm very interested in your project! I have tonnes of experience creating logos and also banners. I'm confident I can do a great job for you. May I have more details on this project? Thanks!

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