Looking for an experienced designer to Create a infograph

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Created by : milad (7)

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Project Description

I have a document that talks about a specific topic, and makes certain points.

I need someone who has experience creating infographs, to create one for me.

You must profile links to your past work, in order to be considered. Thank you!

Skills required

  • Graphic Design
  • Visual Arts
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Posted 23:35 02/03/18
  • Ends 23:35 03/06/18
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United States


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I will do a better job than the other applicants. Promise. Portfolio- robmatthe.ws

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I have worked on the whitepaper design and logo design with 3+ years of experience, here is my whitepaper work: http://bitaxocoin.com/content/BITAXO.pdf

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Hi, Senior Graphic designer, +20yrs in the field, currently working as an art director. You can check my crypto portfolio here : https://alottamoney.weebly.com/

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Hello. I'm an experienced graphic designer and I'd love to design your infographics. See my profile here www.designerriyad.simplesite.com Best Rh Riyad

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United States


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Hi! I am a professional graphic designer and freelancer with extensive experience in creating infographics. Check out my portfolio here: http://onion375.wixsite.com/juliaholdnack And look under graphic design/Illustrator to see examples of my infographic work. Thanks!

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I am 5+years experienced graphic designer.I can make infographics as per your needs.Please have a look at my portfolio: https://goo.gl/8AGQnP and do let me know your feedback.

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I am a professional graphic design. I am the best on XBT Freelancer.com. I can get you project completed as soon as possible. Portfolio: https://drive.google.com/folderview?id=1H6Lhgjs9SRtVQTy1vZzWAHAdtIK8kue6

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24 yo living in Switzerland. Did an apprenticeship as an IT Softwaredeveloper. After that I worked a couple years as a frontend-developer (HTML, JS, CSS, AdServer- and JS-Frameworks in a company specialized for Ad-Management and -Development (AdTech, Adition, Smart AdServer, Google DFP). I am a fast learning guy. Also I am a perfectionist and I like to work fast but always accurately. At the moment I am searching jobs to work as a freelancer. Hope to hear soon from you. Best regards S.Olgun

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I have experience to do this job for you and provide you job when expected. i trail will convience you

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Hello, I can do this for you with a quick turnaround time. My portfolio is available at : https://dribbble.com/melvinalvarez http://melvinalvarez.com/ Thanks!

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