Forum posters 10 cents for invited member

Budget 5
Bids 3
Avg. Bid 1.6703333

Created by : calypsodevs (0)


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Project Description

Newly launched forum


Referral Program pays 0.1 us

How to claim

Send invitation like;refferedby=youforumIDnumber

Referral link can be found in your profile

Once profile page shows referral count wait a bit for new members maid any number of posts

send your btc address for payment to forum admin;sa=send;u=1

Program starts April 15, ends when goal 1000 members reached

Skills required

  • Game Consoles
  • Forum Software
  • Posted 18:10 04/09/19
  • Ends 18:10 04/16/19
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I can do this with more time then needed. My average can be posting from 10-20 post daily with some new topic that can include new topic with some solutions to problem that I have or I have seen them.

Bid (BTC): 0.01 BTC


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I can probably spend some time there, creating new topics and engaging in conversations, for about 50 topics maybe. Does it sound good enough?

Bid (BTC): 0.001 BTC
United States


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I am a gamer and fully capable of writing forum posts for 10 cents each.

Bid (BTC): 5 BTC