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we need to make videos for the new cryptocurrency business company

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  • Video Production
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Hi I'm work for a YouTuber I am filming and editing his videos and posting his pictures on his social media and then you tell your that I know think or two for video editing and i have been working for the YouTuber for about 10 years and now I'm thinking of something different because of the YouTuber I'm working for him but he has start to doing really bad things and I don't like working with him anymore I'm sad that I need to stop working with him he was a good guy before but things have changed not for the good but sometimes things need to change so if email me of i get the job that is my email address I am sorry for any spelling or grammar mistakes I have dyslexia I'm trying everything to fix my spelling and grammar

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Hi I can Write screenplay and Make Teaser and Creat Music for Film

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