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Project Description

Local ebay sellers (ebay.us, ebay.de, ebay.uk others check if your country have local ebay site)
Create listings, high profit items provided
Company fulfillment, commissions, 500 us month

How to apply

Signup (or use existing) local ebay account, link local paypal

List sample items, use local translation
In ebay search type, use pictures, description, local shipping

"Mr. Heater Corporation 18,000 BTU Vent Free Radiant Propane Heater"
Price 135 us

"Rapid Dom Polar Fleece Half Finger Gloves Winter Outdoor Military Patrol Army"
Price 29.95 us

10 more items to choose form

Send ebay link for review

email: alekfisker@gmail.com
skype: Alec Fisker live:41a7ac3e754d1344

Skills required

  • eBay
  • Bulk Marketing
  • Posted 23:03 05/03/19
  • Ends 23:03 06/03/19
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Can check also European pages in local languages: Czech, Poland, Slovakia, Russia

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Hola te puedo ayudar yo vivo en mex te dejo mi email si gustas mandame detalle. Saludos

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Ready to make huge sale for you through local eBay community with large number of end users for your product. I've got eBay account and my PayPal also linked to it. Try me and get some great value for your product.

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Would love to work with you

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