Partnerships with companies that use btc, eth, ltc

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Project Description

I'm looking for help with getting businesses and individual hirers to post freelancing jobs on

Any advice, ideas, suggestions and feedback welcomed.

The budget can also increase based on the potential impact of your work or it could be compensation-based.

Skills required

  • Marketing
  • Social Networking
  • Posted 19:06 01/20/18
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I have a network of over 3000 followers on Instagram working as developers, designers, branding companies and entrepreneur bloggers who have a strong interest in cryptocurrency. I’ll be glad to work with you to uplift WorkingForBitcoins and getting more people to use the platform.

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Hello, I would be delighted to promote the website to over 3000 of my American and Canadian contacts on Twitter and Facebook. Looking forward to working with you. Best regards.

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I can create an execute a marketing plan that will increase awareness and adoption of this site. I have 5+ years in the PR industry and could run Nan great media relations campaign for your site.

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I can connect your business with people. I advertise on many platforms.

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I'll advertise on reddit, tumblr, twitter, blogs, and a bitcoin news blog I write for, but not copy/paste as people are typically attracted to humane sounding advertisements and ones that connect with the person as individuals.

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Hi, I can surely help you with this. I've been hiring for the past 3 years for my own company so I know how to go about this. Looking forward to your response.

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Hello, i offering my team services (video promotion) and i will upload it in my channel , check out Portofolio : . I always post video that we work on some forum so it should be help i think. I can ask more depend on the video itself.

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I am interested, I will guide you and give you ideas to get more clients on your site.

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