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Project Description

We are a 4 years old company with a serious background in finance and cryptocurrencies investment. We own a 100% automated crypto arbitrage platform we want to promote. Main features: registration within 1 minute, strictly no knowledge required to invest, investment from €/$ 500, outstanding returns with very low risk (Ex.: €1000 invested in Bitcoin in December 2017: net current value €770. €1000€ invested with us in December 2017: net current value €3057).

1. We already have thousand customers (investors) but we want more visibility on the internet (worldwide) in order to attract new customers.
Main target: people interested in bitcoins and cryptocurrencies investment, ideally already owning cryptos.
With us they do not invest in cryptocurrencies, which are too fluctuating, but take advantage of their high volatility to make their money grow.

As there is not much news about our company and/or crypto arbitrage on a daily or weekly base, and as we do not want to publish too much on social networks, we mainly want to find people who can:
- Promote our website/news/performances to bitcoin and cryptocurrencies investment related followers/viewers and so forth.
- Mention our website/news/performances on bitcoin related channels (Blogs, Forums, News, Reddit, LinkedIn, Quora, Telegram channels, Twitter, bitcointalk, Youtube, etc).
- More like a user/investor or fan than on our behalf.

Experience and references required.
We only pay per result.
Payment to be done in bitcoin but please leave your price in Euro value.

2. We also want to find people who can bring us new customers on a regular basis.
We pay:
- Fix fee for each account opening (once approved).
- + 10 to 15% of the monthly interest received by each investor brought in, for life. It can quickly provide a very important regular monthly income.

For more information email us at pr0t0nmail,c0m: irison

Skills required

  • Marketing
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
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