Create Script to get and organize data.

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Project Description

I would like a script which have to do the following task:

1) Download the historical data of the Total Market Cap, and the historical data of the market cap, price in usd, price in BTC from using the endpoints that I will provide.

2) Save the data in SQLite using a table for TotalMarketCap and a table for each coin.

3) Add a column that converts from epoch to human readable date.

4) Export the data to a excel file creating a tab for TotalMarketCap and new tab for each coin.

Extra: I would like to do some calculations using the data but we have to agreed on the price first.

Skills required

  • Python
  • SQLite
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New Zealand


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Hi there, I've been building software with python and sqlite for over a decade. I'm based in Christchurch, NZ. Check out my website: - and github profile:

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Hello. I can develop various versions of such software - from a simple version of this script (python + headless browser) to a complex one (python + automated Chrome browser). The choice depends on your particular needs and the actual purpose of this solution. I may also use golang for simplicity of deployment on your machine. Please answer these questions to help me understand your needs: Will this software be running on a server or your PC? Does it need to gather data continuously 24/7 or you will manually start it when you need to refresh data? Could you please provide links to API endpoints / web resources and describe the data, that needs to be gathered. Do you have official access to these endpoints or script has to bypass possible protection measures? Will SQLite database be used for something other than intermediate storage? Will it be consumed by some other software?

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Hello Sir, I can take up the project and finish it in 5 days for .0245 BTC. I work as a software engineer and do these type of things on a daily basis. Thank you.

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Hi, I'm proficient in Python, SQLite and XLS/XLSX libraries for Python. I've done a number of projects involving text scraping and extraction and presenting the results in a database or Excel workbooks. I should be done with this quickly. I'll be glad to discuss about your further plans for this project :) Scot

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I have previous experience working with python to download information from several websites, organize and generate TXT files with it, i have also worked with SQLite with plenty of experience using SQL and can easily generate the excel files you need from it.

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I have something like that done, except that i have a table with all coins, modifying wont be a problem

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Hi, I'm a Python developer with a degree in Information Systems. I have a lot of experience with data scraping and storing (done something like this before). Will do it in no more than 2 days

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Not a problem. Guessing you're running this more than once.. probably breaking down the script would be handy (Seed-script, update-data-script). But we can talk more about it

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I can get it done within 48 hours.

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I can definitely help you and I can get this job done. I have experience mining data, cleaning and tidying data into spreadsheets. I'm well versed in R, Python and SAS statistical programming language. I look forward to working on this exciting project!

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Will be able to do the script for you within 5 days for 0.6

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