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Software Development

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Project Description

If you are a software developer mastering some opensource tools (libraries, frameworks...), TDD, and Go (golang), and if you able and willing to develop the backend (server-side code) of an application which will use PostgreSQL, then write to me. The proposed budget (1 BTC) stays only for the first stage of the development.

Skills required

  • Golang
  • Software Testing
  • PostgreSQL
  • Posted 05:16 07/29/18
  • Ends 05:16 08/29/18
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Professional full stack developer. Completed many projects in php, react, rails and so on. Experienced in TDD and Go frameworks and PostgreSQL. Complete in minimum number of days as possible.

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I'd like to know more about the project. We can discuss the details of the project and the final price later on. I have worked on several projects such as,, open source projects such as TXTDirect and RepoSeed. I'm experienced in GoLang, Postgresql, Docker and other technologies and other languages (PHP, Python, JavaScript, MongoDB, MySQL). Let me know if you're interested so we can discuss the details.

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Sri Lanka


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Im well experienced developer :) ping me we can discuss more

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Hi, I have 7 years of experience working with php and database. I also have 2 years experience working with golang. So I am very sure am the right man for the job. Looking forward to begin the work.

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United States


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I am fluent in GoLang (with heavy influence on GETH) an PostgreSQL. DM to discuss project needs and specifics as well as to work out an appropriate time frame for deadlines and milestones. Thank you.

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Viet Nam


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I have successfully developed many backend servers and other projects in Go. One of my open source Go libraries has over 750 stars on GitHub and is used by many startups. In addition I have extensive experience working with PostgreSQL and writing frameworks, test cases and doing project management. I am a native english speaker and have worked in Silicon Valley for the last 5 years before recently moving abroad to do freelance contracts remotely. There is no doubt I could complete your project but would of course like to know more details about what you are trying to achieve and if it would be worth my time to complete for 1 bitcoin. I hope to hear back from you soon.

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Hi there, with vast experience as a full stack programmer. I can confidently tell you that i am a professional and i will deliver this task with 100% task delivery right on time. Let us discuss and get started!

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Hi, I am Expert C# Developer with experience in back-end with .Net Core, and Test Driven Development, if you accept C# insted Golang then I can work with you. Thanks

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