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I run a small bitcoin focused image hosting site. I have noticed that Imgur's links are treated differently by Reddit than links to my site. You can see the difference in this picture.

I'd like my links to be treated like Imgur's. No code is required to get paid for this job just point me in the correct direction to get this done.

Here are links to both of the posts in the image.

Thank You


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Hi. You should look into the OpenGraph protocol (, using iframes and outputting headers. One or more of these leads will have your solution. Cheers

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Capable of the task, gonna do it efficiently and accurately

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Greetings, It seems that Reddit uses the Embedly api to search for suitable thimbnails for our posts. Embedly has strict criteria for possible thumbnails. For reddit the most important one is “The Open Graph og:image property” This is the direction you were looking for Hope this helps.

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I believe that imgurl has policy about hotlinking ( So it made Reddit create iframe to embedded url of image ( Similar thread on Reddit:

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Have you even tried Google?

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Hey im anas and its my pleasure to help you head on to and paste the “markdown link” in your self post or comment. Edit the [Imgur] part of the link with what you want your link to say. eg I can format [Imgur]( to become [Picture of Penguins]( in my comment. That’s all. If you wish to submit the image to a subreddit as a link post, go to that subreddit, and click the button on the sidebar labeled “Submit a Link”. Put in your title, and paste in the Image link i.e (instead of “Mardown link”) and click “Submit”. damn me if it don't work . Have a nice day

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