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Project Description

I need some one to modify an website, that is already made! I need and programming person that know to write codes! Please share the skype id!

Skills required

  • Database Programming
  • PHP
  • C++ Programming
  • Java
  • Website Design
  • Posted 03:32 11/29/18
  • Ends 03:32 12/02/18
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With the best of skills in coding and creativity, I’ll make your website among the best in class, efficient & most importantly responsive. Skype: daniel.kioko1, View my linked-in and reach me anytime!

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I have almost 5 years of experience creating websites.

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The required skills are my core skills. skype

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Completed some good cryptocurrency projects, ready to deliver you the best. Skype - ideepakmathur

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Please add me on the sk ype at csankur. I have 7+years of experienced in the field of web development. Ping me for more details.In the meantime, you can go through our portfolio at

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Hello , I am a Full Stack Programmer with 7+ years of experience in programming , Graphic Design, HTML, MySQL, Web Hosting, Website Design. I have reviewed your project description and I would like to modify your website with all features as per your requirements and I would like to share my previous work with you. • My web developing expertise includes: - Web development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, jQuery, PHP and Adobe Creative Cloud - Designing, building and maintaining websites. - - Updated and streamlined existing code to improve site performance. - - Utilized cutting edge JavaScript and HTML 5 techniques, frameworks, and libraries. - Strong database knowledge specifically MySQL. - I manage all aspects of web development from concept to requirements definition, design, development, launch, maintenance and user support. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you further talk about my previous experience . Best Regards. My $kyp live:info_873756

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United States


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Hello, I can modify your website (experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, PHP, SQL, Node.js and Python). Let me know what you need via message, email ( or jabber (

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Hello there, your post is a very simple task and your professional will deliver this task right on time. Lets discuss so that i can show you some of my demo's

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20+ years of experience with PHP, databases, android and iOS mobile applications, custom web applications and much more. Mostly small businesses, some large corporations.

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United States


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I have 15 years experience doing every kind of website design you can think of and I'm willing to do this for you!

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