Need unique crypto design for marketing company

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I need someone who understands the mess in the cryptosphere, the dogecoin, the hodler, the fomo buyers, the panic seller, the fudster etc. I need a landing page that screams understanding of crypto.

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  • Website Design
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I work at Consensys - I can help you. Here is my site

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I can do it ASAP! I hope i can work with you

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I am very skilled in all aspects of crypto

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Who are you trying to advertise to? What age groups? How are you trying to suck them in? I can help you design it or I can just explain probability and statistics for a less amount

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Hello , I am a cryptocurrency and blockchain developer with 5+ years of experience in blockchain , website development , Ethereum, Bitcoin, smart contracts, ICO, STO Platform , ERC- tokens. I have successfully completed many projects for my customers from corporate, charity and public sectors all over the world. Here are Few examples for your reference Links: 1. Bitmillex - (ICO & Core Exchange) 2 . ( coin ) 3 . ( Wallet ) 4 . BitHood - (Exchange Platform) My expertise includes building new cryptocurrencies and performing hardforks of the existing PoS / PoW and MN solutions, modifying algorithms and coin supply schemes, customization of wallets Crypto trading Exchange , ICO Website , Trading bots , Lending Bots , block explorer , mining pool development , blockchain consulting etc. Best regards

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i can help deliver your task if you can share more details of the task ahead. Let's discuss over chat on your requirements.

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