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Hello ladies and gentleman,

We are looking for some additional help for several projects. Hit me up for a chat and more information.

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  • WordPress
  • SEO
  • Graphic Design
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Vorrei partecipare.

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I am working as a test automation engineer, and as such I will be able to use this skills gained to help you to develop the site based on your requirement.

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I'm an experience fullstack software developer and can help you develop your website if you can share details of the project. I believe my experience will help contribute toward the success of your project. Let's discuss!

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I'm an experienced web designer, WordPress developer and online marketer that specialises in Custom WordPress Theme Development, Web Design and SEO. I have over 11 years experience working in all aspects of web development and online marketing and I’m extremely transparent and honest about what can be achieved for your business. WordPress Web Development I have experience in all levels of WordPress, whether it be PSD to WordPress, custom functionality, WordPress based web applications, PHP, HTML5, CSS3, SASS, Bootstrap, Google API, jQuery and JavaScript - I can help. I also have a small team of equally skilled developers at my disposal who can help out for time sensitive, or overly complex tasks.

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Me e dedicado la mayoria de mi tiempo estudiando programacion, y diseño grafico, tabajo desde mi casa y tengo una gran experiencias en marketing y negocios, puedo ayudarte a ahcer llevar el negocio al siguiente nivel.

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I am familiar with wordpress and also CakePHP. I can do anything you want with the site.

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Hello there, I am a solid web designer who has worked with many sites. I am highly knowledgeable with wordpress and will help, as a free added bonus, with your SEO development. I have knowledge, as well, of HTML, Java, and python.

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I have worked with WordPress and SEO. I Believe I'm a great designer, one of my sites My usual rate is roughly 100 a page with specials for multiple for basic work. Knowing what you are looking for would help the quote. You seem to want to outsource some work so I would gladly discuss rates. I look forward to discussing more. Sincerely Rachel

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I have worked at golem from the development of the GNT token. At that time, I wrote smart contracts using Solidity and deployed it to the Ethereum mainnet. I am an experienced blockchain engineer who has built tons of dApps using Web3.js and React. I have also written contracts using Solidity on the Ethereum platform. I have worked for 0Chain from the ICO stage and I have created the token sale page for them. (It's already over) You can find about 0Chain here. - block explorer I built using React.js and Web3.js

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Hi, I'm a very professional web development, I can do it for a low price and faster. Contact me.

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I am a freelancer/designer...Give me details about the job

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I am a Designer/Developer, Give me details on what is that you need done.

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