Working For Bitcoins is a site geared to help Employers and Freelancers conduct business using Bitcoins.

Need to Hire Help ?

Post your job here and pay Freelancers with bitcoins. Once you post your job, Freelancers will bid on it and you can select who you want to hire.

Need to find Work ?

Sign up and search for jobs posted by people who will pay you in Bitcoins. Once you sign up, you can post a bid on a job and if the Employer likes you, he will offer you a job.

Here are Some Cool Current Features Offered

Pay and get paid with bitcoins

Applicable internationally without any additional steps

Rating based on reviews

Direct P2P Payments

Funds Verification

Wallet Address kept private

Payments and transactions verified independently using Blockchain

Low Fees

No commission fee from freelancers

One way initiation communication

Direct P2P Payments

The site will not require the employer to deposit any funds into the site. All founds will be kept by the employer and transferred directly to the freelancer. This does bring up questions, and risks to both parties. However, the best approach to this will be for both the employer and freelancer to agree to some milestone system that ensures neither the Employer sends out too much funds without evidence of work, and the freelancer does not do too much work without some compensation. However, with that said, I am planning on implementing a Guarantee feature, explained below.

Funds Verification

Employers posting a job, must provide the wallet address with which they will be paying the freelancer with. The system will then provide a verification to bidders as to whether or not current wallet address has the founds necessary to cover the budget posted.

Wallet Address kept private

Wallet Addresses are kept from everyone, and only revealed to an employer and a bidder that agree to work together.

Payments and transactions verified independently using Blockchain

As payments are made, the system will automatically locate the data using the blockchain, and display it on the page for everyone to see. The transaction links are hidden and only shown to the employer and winning bidder.

No Fees! is FREE!

Future updates and improvements

We are working hard to continue building and expanding the features and functionality of our site.

One Way Initiation Communication

The chat system is developed to be a one way initiator, meaning that, for a chat conversation to exist, the job poster needs to initiate the conversation with a bidder. The only types of conversations that will currently exists will be between a job poster, and a bidder. You can look at it as a one to many relationship.