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Posted 3 years ago

Hello, Looking for Wordpress - PHP - AJAX - Coder - Payment in BTC.

Instructions below:

1.) Install Wordpress Plugin -> myCred -> https://wordpress.org/plugins/mycred/

2.) myCRED Setup -> Create First Point Type

3.) myCRED -> Add New Hook -> Points for clicking on links

4.) myCRED -> Add New Add-on -> Notifications

5.) Add shortcodes below to a new Wordpress page

[mycred_link amount=1 href="#"]+1 Point[/mycred_link]


[mycred_history user_id="current" number=20]

Now I need to code; that if user click on "mycred_link" how to:

1. Display notifications for current user,
2. Update user balance for current user,
3. Update user history for current user,

without refreshing the entire page.

I think that is needed to use the AJAX request in Wordpress to display notifications and update balance/history, without refreshing the entire page.

For the experienced coder, I think it will be work for 15 minutes. I offer reward of 0.00200000 BTC for the code and documentation.

If you are interested to do this job, please contact me at pxgames@protonmail.com , and I will let you know if the job is still available.


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  • AJAX
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