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20+ years experience in Forensic Construction & Design (investigation of building failures and design of corrections). Will perform plan reviews as a consultant, to help avoid potential failures and costly corrections.

If an Owner, save future costs by protecting against potential design flaws and detailing errors before construction begins. If an Architectural Firm, hire a fresh set of eyes to review your plans before submittal. If a Construction Firm, protect again potential lawsuits from building with poorly detailed plans.

I am a licensed Architect in LA & AL; and can seek license reciprocity in any U.S. state / territory, if needed. As a plan review consultant, I will not be practicing architecture, so will not be required to be licensed in your U.S. state or territory. I will be providing technical advice and recommendations for the Owner / Contractor / Architect of record to consider, who may then choose to act or not act upon my advice.

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