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Summary About Me

I have M.S.c in electrical engineering, communication systems. I have worked on transmission standards like DVB-T, cable TV, and DVB-C and different parts of these systems like: time synchronization, CFO compensation and demodulator.

I have implemented different types of algorithms such as cochlear implant CIS algorithm (in assembly) on BelaSigna 300 processsor, OFDM modulation on TI-CS5509 and also I simulated various algorithms on MATLAB like fractional delay filters, ADC calibration, layered MIMO decoders (ZF, MMSE, householder), e.t.c.

Recently, I am working on developing an android program for reading comic books where you can select each book, see its details, and read the chapter you want.

Hourly Rate

Bitcoin: /h ($5.00/h)

My Skills

  • Matlab and Mathematica
  • Android
  • Java
  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming

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