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Hi, I need to implement ccxt library into open source pool to replace current way how pool is interacting with exchanges.

API should have the same functionalities as of now, only we will replace current way how it is implement now so that we can support all exchanges supported by ccxt and those newly added in future.
Pool source code link provided in PM.
*If you have only few ratings on this website, please provide your account name you have on another freelancer website (I want to pay in cryptocurrency so we will deal through escrow on this website) but I would like to somehow verify your feedback,if you have another idea how to establish trust,let's talk.

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  • PHP
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Hi, I am a PHP/Python developer with a extensive knowledge or Linux server environment. I already have some knowledge of open source mining pools and I believe I can implement CCXT within around 5 working days.

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hello there and i believe you are doing good. I'm an expert here and your professional will deliver this task for you with 100% task delivery right on tiime. Let's discuss."

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I can make this done for you just please i need to know more informations My Review

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Software engineer with more than 8 years of experience.Experience in analysis and algorithm design. What i have done is mostly in python, java and php. Experience in ML and data science in which I have a basic knowledge. In the frontend i have worked with react, vue and angular some time ago. Experience in solidity and web3 for ethereum. Experience in OOP and software design patterns. I have worked with some cms, and frameworks. Do you use any framework? I think that an escrow is fine. Let me know.

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Hello , I am a cryptocurrency and blockchain developer with 5+ years of experience in website development, blockchain , Ethereum, Bitcoin, smart contracts, ICO, tokens. For more than 5 years I have been working on implementing Blockchain and building DAPP solutions from the ground up. I have successfully completed many projects for my customers from corporate, charity and public sectors all over the world. Here are Few examples for your reference Links: 1. Bitmillex - (ICO & Core Exchange) 2 . ( coin ) 3 . ( Wallet ) 4 . BitHood - (Exchange Platform) My expertise includes building new cryptocurrencies and performing hardforks of the existing PoS / PoW and MN solutions, modifying algorithms and coin supply schemes, customization of wallets etc. Please message me so that we can discuss more. Best Regards

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Again,I can get this done for you asap. This one will take 5-7 days max. Both my bids come with a full year of support. PM to discuss specifics and milestone requirements.

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