Fix to show network difficulty

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I need to implement Monero into a open source pool,but only to show network difficulty. That's it nothing else

(Most of the code for the statistics is there but it need's some debugging)

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  • PHP
  • Posted 05:45 11/15/18
  • Ends 22:36 11/30/18
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gnd (2)

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Hi, I am a developer based in Prague. I have a 10+ years experience with PHP, server-side scripting and FLOSS software, and i am sure i can help you pretty fast :)

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I can make this done for you please i need to know more informations about this job.

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I can make this done for you just please i need to know more informations My Review

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United States


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I can get this done for you in <72 hours. PM to discuss specifics and milestone requirements.

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