ICO related, complete marketing plan.

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Project Description

We've been working on a hot new anonymous crypto currency.

We're looking at hiring a marketer ideally with ICO experience.

Note: we can only pay you with coo.sh coin - you must be happy with this.

Ideal candidates will have experience with social media, writing / content SEO, and more.

Skills required

  • Internet Marketing
  • Posted 23:56 05/19/18
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I have various connections with cryptocurrency marketers and advertisers, I will be your marketing agency and bring to you a successful campaign. Coosh coins are ok for payment. Message me and I can start right away.

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I am very interested in the position and I would be interested in learning more about the project, and seek more available opportunities. I believe I am the best person for the job because I have necessary skills, experience, and drive for the job. I also bring additional quality of strong analytical and problem solving ability. WordPress, Auto Cad, Corel Draw, Excel, eBay / Amazon, SEO, Data Base, Leads Sourcing/ Lead Generation, Graphic Design ,Video Editing, Web Content, Blogging, Facebook Ads. Skype: brok.only1

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I have gone through the job description and I have 5 years of experience in the field of community manager. I Will post your ICO details on 50+ forums, social media, news site, ico listing websites. I will also give you day to day reporting. Connect with me for more information. Telegram id-- csankur Skype id-- csankur Thank you.

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I have experience about ico and marketing plan

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Hello , I’m a blockchain developer and an architect rich experience with blockchain (both public and private), Ethereum, Bitcoin, smart contracts, ICO, tokens. I have successfully completed many projects for my customers from corporate, charity and public sectors all over the world. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you further talk about my previous experience. Best Regards...

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FULL STACK and Blockchain Developer working as Freelancer Remote. I'm working now technologies below: Crypto Currencies , DLT, ICOs, blockchains, mining, strategy and growth; WISP, IT, network engineering, telecommunications, VSAT, WDS, CCTV solutions, White Papers, Smart Contracts, procurement, supply chain logistics, distribution (maritime / air / road location); Python, NodeJS - ReactJS - React Native - C++ GRUNT, GULP, WebPack, Babel Python: Scipy, MatPlotlib, Scrapy, IPython, Jupyter Notebook. Vue.js, PHP 7, MySQL 5.7, Sass, CSS3, HTML 5, Docker Services of origin control (GIT), Bitbucket. Unit test using Mocha, Protractor, JEST. BLOCKCHAIN DEMOS : http://djalmabright.h-br.com http://djalmaweb.hyperphp.com http://djalmabright.16mb.com http://djalmaweb.hyperphp.com/wordpress http://donovan780.byethost22.com/wordpress Thanks

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Interesting concept. With your stipulation for payment in coo.sh coin only; especially since that wallet is only available in Linux at the moment; it seems that their is a bit of constraint here. However, I must say, I am interested in your proposal; and your coin/project. Contact me here; or on Telegram @revcozmo; and let's discuss your needs; and how I might be able to assist. To specify; my requirement would be for 1/4 paid upon award; with 1/4 paid on the first of each month moving forward for the next 3 months (with an amount of coo.sh equal to 1 BTC (paid 25%/payment as outlined herein); whereupon we could discuss payment for future assistance beyond this first 90 day trial. Drop me a note and let's talk...

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I know how to help you for btc

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