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Hello,(the price is not really fixed yet as I don't really know how many B it is worth; and sorry if my english is not perfect)

I want to run an torrent website based the script php4dvd( ) and I want a coder to modify the script for make it more torrent like ;).

Here is what you'll do:

-Remove the "Login" link on the website

-Change the name from PHP4DVD to the name of my website

-Change the tab Name on the homepage(actually "My collection - Sitename)

-Remove the "Seen/unseen" and "Favourite" function

-Add a small text of presentation on the homepage(a bit like "Welcome to the official YTS.AM website. Here[..." on

-Add a download functions of movies pages with Magnet/or torrent and with differents quality(against a bit like on

-Remove the "Number of titles 1 | Unseen 1 " on the homepage

-https by default

-More friendly SEO URL(it is already in the script apparently but not working)

Thanks a lot in advance

You can also contact me at haroldyounts [at]

Skills required

  • PHP
  • Posted 15:45 03/18/19
  • Ends 15:45 04/02/19
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I am familiar with this script and exactly understand what you need. I will do my best. You won't regret.

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I can do this for you

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I can do all these and I'd do it so cheap because it'd be my first project here and I really need this to create a portfolio on this site, please hire me! :) and I've been on other freelancer sites before and people loved me, tons of 5 stars reviews.

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Hi, I'd like to let you know that this project is 100% doable and as a professional this will be delivered right on time because i have delivered similarly task before. Let us discuss

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