the binary digit zero- knowledge electronic currency

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Project Description

the binary digit zero-knowledge electronic currency BZC BITZEC

7bn max
2.5 min blocktime
Blockreward decreas every 20k blocks (34days) after block 77777
Slowstart 7777 2777 blocks
20% devfund 4years similar as zcash
Sapling active block 35k Sapling Protocol Specification :

Happy mining

debian/ubuntu full node:

windows full node:
copy bitzec.conf to folder AppData\Roaming\Bitzec
for CPU mining write in bitzec.conf :
genproclimit=1 (or more)

download zcashparams to folder AppData\Roaming\ZcashParams :

For GUI Swing wallet run bitzecd.exe once and close it , run Bitzec.jar in bitzec-win folder

Skills required

  • C Programming
  • Cloud Computing
  • Computer Security
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  • Ends 16:07 11/13/18
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I set up for you. Thanks.

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