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We produce porn in est europe since 1993, we would like to launch spinnoff company managed by users.

Finally every one will be able to decide about the movie productions

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  • Website Management
  • Posted 13:04 07/16/18
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I have a ready solution, with a little refinement it will suit you.

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Hi, have worked with producers for about 3years and sure to give great contributing ideas to help produce your vidoes

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Hello , I am a blockchain developer and an architect rich experience with blockchain (both public and private), Ethereum, Bitcoin, smart contracts, ICO, tokens. I have successfully completed many projects for my customers from corporate, charity and public sectors all over the world. I have been providing them with full cycle web solutions, cryptocurrency exchange systems, cryptocurrency trading bots and many other custom Blockchain solutions. Best Regards...

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Hi. I'm a Software Engineer with a Bachelor's Degree. I work full time as freelancer, if you are interested to my profile we can move the discussion on telegram, where i can give you my github link and my linkedin profile. Have a good day

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United States


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I love the concept. I can build your system from front to back. Of course, this will take some time; 21-30 days to be up and running. However, my bid also includes 90 days of service to insure your complete satisfaction. Let's discuss the specifics and see how you can get your project built starting today. I tried to reach you through your contact on Skype. Unfortunately that was unsuccessful. You can reach me there at D2Freelancing. Also, please check your email for my message from Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.

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