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Data Entry

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Project Description

I am looking for an SEO expert. You should know Wordpress very well. You should be able to learn how to use online tools easily. I won't teach you how to find stuff you need to know, you should be smart to find and solve it.
1. Data entry
2. Web search
3. Directory submission
4. Yoast meta keywords, title and description
5. Knowledge of optimising website speed

Reply with SEO tools that you are familiar at and using e.g moz, semrush, woorank etc. You will use most of those and be able to analyse the website.

What's important is you have high level of common sense and analytical skills.

Skills required

  • Data Entry
  • Web Scraping
  • Web Search
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Hi, i am a good data operator havw been doing the job for three years now and i have a very flexible time schedule.You can contact me through my mail for more details.

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After seeing bidding comments, none talked about Ahref - Value palcked website analysis scrapping plugin. Well, I am using ahrefs since 2 yeas and quite expert using it. As you have not provided keyword or site, we need to have a discussion over PM.

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Aloha and hi. I'm a web design and SEO consultant based out of Hawaii. I'd be interested in working with your project to help out to improve your SEO marketing and SEO keyword goals. Don't hesitate to reach out and see if we can be a great fit to work together. All the best!

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I work with many sites who are above the million views a month level - I specialize in SEO and Wordpress - your budget worries me but let me know if you want to chat further.

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My team can do this job, we have a lot of experience with Wordpress, Yoast, and SEO Tools you have mentioned. We can do writing content for SEO experiments and strategies just like linkbuilding, PBN, social media and landing pages.

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I am new to I offer a great amount of work and my computer skills are great. Too. I work really well. At what I do. Thank You for having me on board !

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I have experience developing wordpress websites. Most times I use Yoast SEO plugin to optimize the websites. I can send you links to my works if you want. I'd love to work with you on this project.

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I’ll do a reasonable amount of SEO work for you for within your budget listed.

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