Voicemail transcription project

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Project Description

We have a simple data entry project. Full instructions will be provided.

It involves using a command line tool on a Linux server. You must have a terminal software (like PuTTy) already installed.

You will have to listen to voicemails and enter some simple data from the received voicemails.

If you have experience in interacting with Linux servers via the command line, that will be strongly preferred.

Skills required

  • Linux
  • Transcription
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hey, Fitz-Simmons I'd like to do this job for you ASAP, please contact me, fellow agents of shield, fan. I have a quite long experience with Linux and I'm a professional writer.

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Hi, I have more than 6 years of working experience on Linux and My PC has Linux OS. let's talk for instructions and start the work. thanks!

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I have a reasonable amount of experience in linux terminal since I have been using linux since I was young and also uses Linux terminal on a daily basis.

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United States


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I would like to discuss this further. I am very comfortable with the Linux command line as well as typing and transcribing. I may even be able to suggest automation improvements to whatever process you have in place for this project. Thank you for your consideration.

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Hello, I have worked with servers, and remote connection software before and I also have ccna. I look forward to hearing from you

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Regularly work with command line on Linux servers, using ssh through terminal software like PuTTy or more regularly within WebStorm development environment. Look forward to hearing from you if interested.

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South Africa


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Hi. I am a software developer working on blockchain project. I am familiar with Linux environment and console (Also know difference between them e.g Debian, Arch, Fedora, etc I will be able to secure shell (SSH) to the server from my terminal easily and be able to complete required work. Please add me on discord terminator_t420#8096

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United States


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I would love to help you out. I have limited Linux experience, but I have used terminal before. Also, I am a very fast learner, so rest assured I will learn what is need to get the job done quickly. hope to hear from you soon!

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I will work for tous curency this week

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