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I need a logo/ something I can have as the profile picture of my online shop selling popular brand shoes. Aimed at middle-class youth. Sketch/sample is very welcome. (similar to Campaign Signature for this website) (What I have right now:

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antarogitsu (1)

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my sample design: and new one: If you want my service, feel free to contact me here. Thank you very much

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I'm skilled in photoshop, in fact i have a two-year experience , working with associations and clubs, i pride myself to be a gifted designer and i would like to put use to my abilities in some jobs,

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Hello! Have you found someone for this work? My rate is standard including 2 concepts and 3 revisions. This is my logo portfolio: I'm available if you'd like to have a chat on skype:ilkeryoldas or ilkeryoldas

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Quick logo concept based on the Adidas NMD R1 sneakers. Logo and letters will be polished upon request when I get the job!

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Hello, im people who make simple design and cheap price. Usually my price is negotiable if you PM me. Well, take a look about my sample work about your logo : . If you want, i can send you PSD too and ready for Revision. :D

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I'm a graphics designer and I'm interested. Once we agree over details, I will send you watermarked work and you only have to pay for the one(s) you like. Portfolio:

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you can see my previous work here:

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