Graphics designer for advertisement banners & panels

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Experience designing professional banner and panel advertisements. Link to portfolio of previous work, payment in cryptocurrency to be negotiated during agreement. Proof of design ability with draft of initial work. In-person call over skype to finalize details. Only serious and professional graphics designers please. Possible on-going work available. Cheers!

Skills required

  • Graphic Design
  • Banner Design
  • Photoshop
  • Posted 11:53 01/23/18
  • Ends 11:53 01/30/18
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Fast, serious and professional work; this is what i've been doing for the last 10 years. I'm your designer. Here you can check some of my works, although this portfolio is not up to date...

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Hi, Senior Graphic designer, +20yrs in the field, currently working as an art director. You can check my crypto portfolio here : Would be glad to hear about your banner needs.

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Thank you for the oppotunity to be part of your project..

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United States


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Professional design for production and print. Experience in web design since HTML 3. Contact me: - navigate to Graphics to see samples. Thank you.

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I have some experience manipulating and creating images on software such as photoshop. I'm quite new to the crypto world so I'm not asking for the full price.

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United States


Rating: 0/10 You can see a long list of reviews that demonstrate my skills, quality of service and professionalism. Without knowing the full scope of your project(s) it is hard to place an accurate bid for the design work that needs completed. I would be happy to go over details with you and come up with a more accurate bid. Thanks, ~mark

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Hi I have extensive expertise in Adobe photoshop illustrator etc. I can design awesome banners etc for you. You can check some of my work here Thanks

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Viet Nam


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Hello! I am a freelance Graphic/Web Designer with more than 10 years of experience in the field and would love to help you with your projects and possibly start working together for a longer time. You can check my portfolio by visiting I'm looking forward to hearing back from you and wish you a great day. Cheers, Sergio

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United States


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I have experience with photoshop and advertisement, and I would be willing and able to advertise whatever is needed.

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I am a design specialist from Indonesia, I am currently working on an ICO project that will take place. some of the work I do is: 1. Logo Design 2. Telegram Sticker 3. Social media advertising 4. Banner website 5. Signature Design ( Forum) 6. Whitepaper Design The project that I handle today is Horizon Communication. here are my profiles and portfolios: 99design: Service: Profile:;u=1030544 Telegram: @YDSigncentre

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I am a designer specialized in all kinds of projects. I work with elegance and modernity. My design portfolio is exclusive, you can see this web page.

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I will bid this job for just 0.095 in btc but possibly to be convert to ETH. I didn't made some banners yet but with my experience on signature designs I think I will be capable for that since it's just like a banner on forums. Here is my portfolio:

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