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We are looking for a proficient Social Media Marketer who can produce fresh content daily for our social media platform for our project

We are a cryptocurrency startup that is about to enter PRE ICO phase for our token launch. We need a strategic plan for our social media profiles that will boost our presence in the cryptocurrency market, increase engagement and land more customers

Skills required

  • SEO
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Hello there, I'm a senior graphics designer with years of experience. Have my own brand and also manage social media for other brands, also have a broad portfolio with years of my work

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Hi ! I'm johnrick and has a experience regarding social media marketing. I can boost your project via telegram campaign.

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We will be using a 3rd party provider that provides the social media for my startup consulting website. They have expert content writers and create customized blog posts, twitter, linkedin and facebook posts and email newsletters to your followers. The project price is for my discounted referral, the full scope of the project would be $400 per month plus a onetime set up fee and they do a great job. DM to set up an intro call

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Hi Zoltan Vass, Congratulations for your ICO pre-sale. Checkout my twitter - ideepakmathur I would like to discuss more as I'm pretty sure about skyrocketing your ICO. Skype - ideepakmathur

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Hi , I did These Kind Of Projects For Local Businesses and i can deliver good and fast designs daily , also i can do motion graphic and gifs for instagram and other social medias , beside my price is lower than other , we must discuss. Regards , Shahab

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Hello, I am a Digital Marketer whose forte are Google AdWords, Facebook, Twitter and Quora marketing. I have consulted a few ICOs. I developed the overall marketing strategies for these clients and executed the Social Media side myself. Having a proven track record, I am confident that I can help you attain your goals. Thank you.

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Dear, I'm a crypto enthusiast, always keeping updated in this continuous changing world. I would be glad to help you with this project. Regards, Gian

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