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We have a project about IT technologes. We want to show our project large audience. We need a quick result.

1.Google adwords - contextual advertising.

2. Google adwords - banner ad.

3. Facebook and twitter advertising.

4. Ad in Top blogs (opinion leaders).

A few questions:

1. How far should we see a result?

2. How much does it cost?

3. May you offer others way to promote?

Skills required

  • Google Analytics
  • Facebook Marketing
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I am IT graduate and working on marketing and sales, I have knowledge of digital currency, and other trading platforms. The is the best to earn your digital currency, so use it.

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Hi, I work with a team of 5 guys and would be interested to work on your project to have it broadcasted to a large audience using the following path. 1. Facebook marketing 2. Twitter influencers and posts 3. Post placement on major blogsites (I have access to blockchain, cryptocurrency and other sites such as Forbes where we can publish paid publications). 4. Google Adwords 5. VK Social Media posts 6. Google Plus Posts 7. Bitcointalk ann thread creation and 15 other cryptocurrency forum posts and ann threads. 8. Telegram promotion and listing in a number of leading channels. To discuss more about this and more lets connect via telegram @ICO_Services or

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Hi! Agency ROE is formed by extremely well-qualified professionals with 10 years of experience in Online Media and Marketing in general. We have other forms of communication for this specific market, having participated in a successful ICO. Contact us for more details and thanks for the opportunity. 1. How far should we see a result? Usually, we can see results on the first day of the campaign, but we can only get the real idea of what's actually working with a 15-day campaign 2. How much does it cost? It depends on how many people we want to impact and what are the expected numbers of our KPIs 3. May you offer others way to promote? We will design a customized strategy with everything we believe can positively impact the customer. There is no magic formula. The problem may be everyone's, but the solution is personalized. *The price will be charged per month and the online media it is not included.

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Hello ! First time I read your job offer I had this vision about it and the way we could promote it to huge audiences. I promise results in the first 24h after hiring me, I will set up the whole process, Adwords, Facebook, etc. Also I have a pretty good guerilla marketing strategy in mind. I can start right away so I'm looking forward to working with you ! The bid covers everything, including ads.

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You can start seeing results within 24 hr of setup, we'll setup your AdWords account, Facebook Ads acount, We'll target the most relevant crypto publishers to reach your preferred audience. I have other working strategies as well. Let's talk further. You can email me at or Skype me at ideepakmathur. Looking forward to help you further.

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Depending on the goals that you have, I can provide this service for you. You pay for the advertising and I can start ASAP at low rates

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Depending on the length of the engagement, the price could be more or less. I price by the project based on an hourly rate. You say you need quick results. I would be interested to discuss your metrics for success and how I can best add value. I am technologically savvy, with an unique ability to translate complex concepts into persuasive calls to action on social media, in advertising, and in blog posts (and comments!) Ad words, SEO, Google Banners and Dynamic Advertising Network, Facebook advertising, including video--all these are basic for any advertising professional. The real proof is in the result. Anyone can crank out ads all day. I turn cold leads into hot prospects who take the ACTION you desire. I look forward to discussing your needs in more detail. Best,

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It all depends on what your goals are. We can start with an hourly rate & you pay the advertising costs.

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Hello, And thank you for the opportunity to bid on your project. Thank you too for the detailed description in your project specs that allows me to be just as detailed in my bid. 1.Google adwords - contextual advertising. My fee is $0.10/word. So, for 10 articles at 500 words each; the cost here will be $500 2. Google adwords - banner ad. $100/banner. 10 banners costs $1000. 3. Facebook and twitter advertising. My fee is 0.1BTC/month for this daily service. 4. Ad in Top blogs (opinion leaders). I have contacts in a number of industries. This cost can run $2000-$5000/month per "opinion leader"; which would be paid directly to them. 1. How far should we see a result? There are no guarantees. But, you should see increased traffic within days. 2. How much does it cost? My fee for 3 months is 1BTC (not including fees required from "influencers"). I require 0.33btc in advance at the outset and again every 30 days. 3. May you offer others way to promote? Yes, I have other platforms.

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