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Looking for a contractor that will have long-term responsibilities in two marketing companies. You will get paid 35% of every completed order. Money is not an issue in both these business; we get a lot of high value orders. The main advantages of the job, written in bold text below, are just huge for those wanting to live a happy, stress-free life.

**You can work whenever you please. No fixed schedule.**

**No fixed location.** You need a laptop and internet, and you're set to go. Someone traveling could have a lot of fun with this job.

**You won't have a supervisor.** You will be counted on to self-improve and self-administer your work.

What does the job entail:

- Support and communication with the clients of one of the companies.

- Communication with the clients of the orders that you're handling for the other company.

- Promoting web pages by mostly delegating work to other contractors. When you delegate work, you also handle creating the copies.

- You must also take care of promoting both these companies through methods of your choice. You won't get paid for this part, but it will help you because you'll get more clients. When too many clients come in a period, I can help by taking care of a part of them, or - even better - one more person in the same role as you could be hired.


- Perfect English in writing, good enough English while talking.

- **You must also have your own marketing capability**, not just delegate work to the other contractors. That means that left alone, you could use your tool/trick/strategy/whatever to bring qualified traffic for certain clients. If the method is good enough, we'll just add it on one of the websites as an individual service for sale, and you'll get 85% from all the orders. Me or anyone else hired in a position equal or higher than yours should also be allowed to use your marketing capability, when needed. That doesn't necessarily mean getting direct access to it; rather just use it through you.

- If you don't have your own marketing capability, the percentage will go down to 25 or 30%, depending how well you fit the other requirements.

- Knowledge of cryptocurrencies. You have used a software and a hardware wallet before, you've read and understood the white papers for Bitcoin and Ethereum, DOI 10.1109/BigDataCongress.2017.85, you understand ICOs and the economics of tokens etc.

- Knowledge of markdown for text formatting.

Requirements that have to be completed until the contract starts (we may have our interview first, and you can complete them after you are accepted):

- Active account on GrowthHackers, at least one post and ten comments

- Active account on HackerNews, at least one post and ten comments

- Active account on Quora, at least two questions and ten answers

Any of these skills would be a plus, but they aren't required:

- Spanish

- Chinese

- Active BitcoinTalk account

- Active account

How to apply:

- Send an email to get [at] traction [dot] pw specifying how well you fit the requirements and describe your marketing capability. Please also include your main Reddit username, as well as the usernames for Quora, GrowthHackers and HackerNews - even if you're still working on reaching the necessary post and comment counts.

Skills required

  • Marketing
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I have been researching bitcoin nonstop. I check the worth of multiple cryptocurrencies daily. I love to socialize about bitcoin.

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My phone number is(651) 410-8523

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There is a problem with any traditional sense of Marketing for Bitcoin. At my current place of work, a customer described it as a completely valueless currency as there are no physical companies or materials backing Bitcoin. As we are all aware, Bitcoin does have a value, and it is simply put, value itself. Businesses today don't run on value alone. They want guarantees that the money that comes and goes is stable and / or predictable. This requires not only an understanding and explanation of what Bitcoin is or the process of BlockChain in general, but how these concepts can be related to business in it's most general form. The education and expansion of Bitcoin and how it works will make it marketable, as there is little to no market if the majority of people don't understand that they want it. I understand what is required for this job. Although I have one semester left to receive my Bachelor's of science, I know I can do what you need to be done.

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I've got a degree in Management with knowledge in marketing and accounting. I speak English and I'm fluent in Portuguese and Spanish. I can be helpful to contact the costumers of the Portuguese and Spanish market, this languages together represent over 750 million people on the world. I'm an active member on bitcointalk and i've got knowledge in many cryptocurrencies and exchanges. If you want a strong presence globally I can be a useful piece for you.

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I have experience in marketing some ICO projects before. And I have knowledge in cryptocurrencies.

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I'd love to help you out with this! I've been learning a lot about cryptocurrencies lately, and I have 2+ years of marketing experience from three different companies. Let me know if you're interested!

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