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Project Description

We want your short video to introduce yourself (15 - 31seconds maximum).

Use whatever video device you can, just show me you can make a video.

Hold up a card with your BCH address (prefer your address) so we (and others!) can send money to you.

This is open to more than just one participant - hopefully we can do this in many places simultaneously.

The video format is not too critical, but the video size must be under 8megabytes.

You can post on dtube, vimeo, or wherever, or you can email if you prefer.

The subject can even be someone else - a friend or classmate.

You can also see this advertisement at:

but it would help this site if you register here and let me pay you in a manner that helps

Skills required

  • Videography
  • Video Services
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slip17 (1)

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Hello, I'm up to anything that promote BTC and BCH. Here in Venezuela crypto currencies are a big deal. I would love to make the video.

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hi, very interested in this job

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I can do the job right away

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