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Project Description

Hello everyone, i own business for long time.
I'm here to find new coders who will be work on projects i require for my business.
My business is around online PC multiplayer games.

To apply for this job you must be ready to write own really complex and hard projects.
This projects have many levels of execution's and they are very very hard.

For start you will need any experience with programing languages such as C++ or C# and assembly language.
You must have knowledge in reversing games and anticheats in order to work successfully on this projects and you also must have experience with same.

Please do not message me if you do not know this above, now next requirement's
To be able on own to work and build this complicated projects have knowledge to do:
1. Source code building from scratch with functions to call inside game
2. Writing UI so this functions can be controlled inside game
3. Reading game code to find offsets and pointers for functions in source of project
4. Rendering those functions with UI inside game
5. Writing anticheat drivers on kernel level
6. Mapping drivers and writing hooks
7. Advanced knowledge with tools like "Cheat engine" , "IDA Pro" " Ollydbg"

There is lots more but it will make this thread soo much long so this above are basic of what you need to know to be able to make such project on your own.

Payment: You will be paid on this website in milestones, there is over 20 projects i need to be done and after you finish your first project you will be paid daily in amounts of 500 up to 3000 usd depends how good you make your first project.

This is job on longer distance as you will be manage and maintenance this projects on your end and daily payments you will receive as long project is up to date.

Since i mention tool like "Cheat Engine" and words like "Anticheats" i want to be clear that this work do not include anything what is illegal in any counties laws so i want to be clear with this job there is no braking of any laws!

Contact me only if you have experience and knowledge for this job!

Thank you all for reading this carefully. Have a nice day

Skills required

  • C Programming
  • C++ Programming
  • Software Development
  • Software Architecture
  • Embedded Software
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