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Project Description

I'm looking for someone to complete my exchange website


The majority of the work has been done, but withdraws/deposits on some coins are getting stuck

Coins I have are:







You should be familiar with Ruby on Rails and crypto daemons

Most the website code is based off of Peatio https://github.com/peatio/peatio


My budget is somewhere between 0.1BTC - 0.3BTC

If interested please first reply here and then send me a PM

Detailed description of what I need done:


Skills required

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Ruby
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I'm a full stack developer with 21 years of experience and as a professional i have the technical know how and the deliverable skills require to deliver your task with 100% task delivery right on time. You can chat me up let us discuss and you can also add me on skype concept_developer. Thank you!

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I have 3+ years of experience in web development and I have looked at your project and I am sure I can fix the errors and bugs for you.I have made this website from scratch a year ago, it is a full-fledged social media website, https://digitaljnv.com/.

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I am 5+years experienced cryptocurrency exchange developer.I have developed 15+successfull ICOs.I can complete your current exchange website. I can give you my demo script via chat option. Let's connect and discuss it.

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I have over 10 years experience with Ruby and Rails and have worked full-time as software engineer consultant for almost all of that time. I set 0.2 BTC as a ballpark estimate but would need to talk through specific requirements and adjust accordingly. My suggestion would be to come to a better BTC and time estimate after that then calculate an hourly/daily BTC rate. That way you can pay as work is being done (versus all at beginning or end) which will protect us both.

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I am experienced in Ruby, RoR, and with the Peatio platform. I can make these changes for you. Please contact me through this platform; or via Telegram @revcozmo; or via Skype at d2freelancing to discuss your needs further and/or to get started immediately. Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.... Danny

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