Need a program that scans news sites for key words

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I need program that I can run from my windows desktop whenever I wish to search the top 100 popular news sites for key words. It should then create an excel file with the name of the site, the link to the page and how many times that keyword was used.

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  • Web Security
  • HTML5
  • Windows Desktop
  • Posted 11:27 08/01/17
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Would use phantomjs to visit the websites, so that JS would evaluate properly, but it's still headless (no GUI needed). I've worked quite a bit with phantomjs in the past and am pretty good with JS. Let's chat!

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I'd be able to finish this program in 3-5 days in Python. Python runs on all major operating systems and the result can be logged in Excel and also in the cloud based Google Spreadsheet if you're interested. Just hit me up if I can start :)

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I've written similar programs in the past using python(check my github repository) and this can be done in ~3 days. I'd need further specifications of the job but I'm willing to do this. $100 in BTC is fair price. hit me up if you're interested, I can start working immediately

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I can build this tool for you quickly, efficiently and professionally. In fact, I can begin immediately. And, I won't need any additional information as your tool will include a gui that allows you to input the sites your want to scrape; and the keywords you want found. I can have this for you within 7 days. Thanks for your time and consideration. I look forward to working with you soon.

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I do web scrapping and web development for BTC. I can provide you a version of this and iterate. Let me know if you are interested.

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What information I need before starting working?

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