Set Up API on Bitmex

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looking for someone who can code C # and or Python to set up an API on a crypto exchange. This job is in very high demand and I'm willing to pay a lot to get the job done right.

Skills required

  • Python
  • C++ Programming
  • Posted 16:47 07/13/18
  • Ends 16:47 07/28/18
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Hi, my name is Enrique, I am a Expert C# Developer and also a Quant Trader, I already implement the Bitfinex API in my trading software, So have experience in this kind of job. Thanks

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I can definitely help you out with that far as Python goes. Likely C++ too, but am not as proficient there as I am with Python. Depending on the details I can probably deliver fairly quickly too. Message me with the specifics and I'll let you know.

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Ciao Francesco. Anche per quanto riguarda questo lavoro puoi considerarmi operativo dato che una degli ultimi lavori su commissione che ho effettuato è proprio riguardo questo genere di software, integrando le librerie ccxt con le relative API su python. Sentiamoci per concordare il lavoro. Ti lascio il link al github su cui ho effettuato quest'attività

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This could be done too. Pm me with a specifications of what you need exactly, and we can discuss the theme.

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