Network, DNS, fastflux setup

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Project Description

We are looking for a freelancer with strong skills in networking and
web hosting to set up and configure Fastflux DNS. The ideal candidate
should have experience in managing and configuring network systems,
as well as a solid understanding of DNS and the TCP/IP protocol.
Troubleshooting and network analysis skills are essential in order
to quickly and efficiently resolve any issues that may arise during
the Fastflux DNS setup. If you have relevant experience and are interested
in working on this project, please send us a message

Skills required

  • Network Administration
  • DNS
  • Posted 13:02 01/28/23
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Hello, book translation and typing in all languages

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United States


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Hello, I'm interested in your task. Plenty of experience with DNS, server configuration, networking in general. Ready to get started

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Hi , I'm a full stack developer with 5 years of experience.I would love to apply for this project.Here is my resume;

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