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I want to create a store using wordpress, and I need a custom template made.

Please have experience with the follow:

Creating a WordPress sites from start to finish
Installing and configuring plug-ins
Basic HTML and CSS knowledge
Deploying, migrating and launching WordPress sites
JavaScript or PHP
Graphic design

Skills required

  • WordPress
  • HTML5
  • Website Design
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devpro (0)

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Experienced wordpress developer. Will bring your idea to life soon and you will be happy. Many years I have worked with wordpress and technologies.

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ready for the job right away need money for my studies

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I'd love to do this job as it happens to be a hobby of mine to create websites for people.

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South Africa


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Good Day, I would be able to assist with your request for 0.1 BTC. I am the owner of, and am currently building another web asset that aims to explore the various ways people claim to make money online.

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Easy done :)

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I've built custom themes from scratch before. Your ad requests a "custom template". Any custom theme must be both designed and developed. The design starts with definition and consideration of your audience, brand, and site purpose. Then your goal for the pages must be considered—what is it that you want visitors to do? If you have a logo, it must be evaluated for determining the website color palette, layout, and root font settings. Then images must be created, as needed, and optimized for reduced bandwidth and load time. The development must include the site structure; the appearance of that structure; the settings so you can write whatever blog posts you want and things will still look nice; the optimization of code for better loading and SEO ranking; fallbacks for older browsers and alternate formats; responsivity for various screen sizes; accessibility for users with disabilities; and more. My bid is an estimate. I'd need more details to give a full quote.

Bid (BTC): 2.4 BTC