Ethereum smart contract development

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Looking for experienced ethereum smart contract and crypto developers

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  • Website Management
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FULL STACK and Blockchain Developer working as Freelancer Remote. I'm working now technologies below: Crypto Currencies , DLT, ICOs, blockchains, mining, strategy and growth; WISP, IT, network engineering, telecommunications, VSAT, WDS, CCTV solutions, White Papers, Smart Contracts, procurement, supply chain logistics, distribution (maritime / air / road location); Python, NodeJS - ReactJS - React Native - C++ GRUNT, GULP, WebPack, Babel Python: Scipy, MatPlotlib, Scrapy, IPython, Jupyter Notebook. Vue.js, PHP 7, MySQL 5.7, Sass, CSS3, HTML 5, Docker Services of origin control (GIT), Bitbucket. Unit test using Mocha, Protractor, JEST BLOCKCHAIN DEMOS : Thanks

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I know how to help you

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Personally developed and deployed a ERC20 smart contract for token creation and distribution for a 2017 healthcare ICO. ICO beat mincap in sale, so was able to handle large transaction volumes without issue. Have experience conducting secure code review and "black box penetration testing" as a consultant for other existing smart contract developers. Experienced with Solidity and Hyperledger-related development; am using both for healthcare company post-ICO. Code is always clean and clear, well-commented and -tested before moving to production/mainnet. Have a MS in computer science and worked for several years at a major American EHR provider, designing and developing APIs for fast and flawless data transfer.

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Hello I will make you a smart contract on etherscan Accept my BID

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I've been focusing on Vyper for smart contracts lately and the various issues with Solidity and ERC specifications. I'd be interested to acquire more experience along those lines and especially if it is interesting work.

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Easy money job

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Hello , I’m a blockchain developer and an architect rich experience with blockchain (both public and private), Ethereum, Bitcoin, smart contracts, ICO, tokens. I wold like to develop Ethereum smart contract as i have successfully completed many projects for my customers from corporate, charity and public sectors all over the world. I’ve been providing them with full cycle web solutions, cryptocurrency exchange systems, cryptocurrency trading bots and many other custom Blockchain solutions. Therefore, I have all appropriate tech stack and expertise to bring the idea of your project to life. I would appreciate the opportunity to meet with you further talk about my previous experience or check my website Best Regards...

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Greetings Sir, Me & my team have worked on multiple Smart contracts & token creation on the ethereum blockchain.

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I have done many ICO Smart contracts and more on the ethereum network.Lets discuss and get it done as soon as possible.

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I and my team can develop a smart contract as per your specifications. we've already worked on similar types of projects. So far we have more than 7+years experienced cryptocurrency developer. More details I can give you via chat.

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I can create any kind of smart contract you want. It can be ERC20, ERC223, ERC621, ERC664,ERC677, ERC721, ERC777, ERC820, ERC827

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I have developed smart contracts for ICO, and i have intermediate experience. Let me know if you are interested.

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I have developed smart contracts for more than a dozen of your favorite cryptos. Let's talk about what you need; and how I can help bring that vision to life.

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