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Project Description

I need a pocketdice clone in php (no js, except graphical interface).

Job is to make a gambling website with several pages, with register_globals option turned off. It must include header & footer at all pages (except main game & all admin pages).

So, it must have:

"header.php", includes site logo & all menu links at all pages; it must differ for logged-in player and other visitors.

"index.php", main page containing site's description & news posted by admin (done from admin's news.php, later).

"login.php", login page with captcha (non-google, internal)

"register.php", registration page with captcha (non-google, internal)

"main.php", the page which shown when player logged in and contains links to cashier (money in/out), history for all games played, players account's data, including cash in mBTC and "fun chips", and link for game start (1 link for mBTC play, 2-nd link for fun play). Fun chips must be 100 for each new player. Also, in main.php must be chatbox.

"dice.php", main game page, it must have the pocketdice game with SHA-256 provably fair system. To view this game, just go to youtube and type "pocketdice". Player selects bet in mBTC, bet type (higher or lower selected from 3 to 11 number), and pressess ROLL. There is two way to make this game: 1 - using macromedia flash, 2-nd way - use html+gif graphics+js. Very important, that every bet which was done by the player, including Provably Fair SHA256 hash, bet amount, result, win/lose amount, player's login name and date & time of each action must be fixed id MySQL database. Game has 2 modes: manual betting and automatic. In original game there was "win doubling" ability, I DON'T need this option, so buildind game will be more easily. But there must be "play for fun" option, and switching beetwen this modes. Also, don't forget "connection problem" logo, when script does't responds 5-6 times.

"cashier.php", including 3 links: for btcin.php, btcout.php and history.php

"btcin.php" must contain automatically generated (or automatically included form MySQL databases list, from several addresses set by admin) for each player bitcoin address, and after 1 confirmations it must be enlisted at internal account. For each 1 players account - 1 btc account. It's ok to use blockchain API.

"btcout.php" - order form for player with button "order". When player orders withdrawal, ordered sum fixed in database, which will be viewable by admin. Also, players internal account money after withdrawal order will be lower (minus ordered sum).

"history.php" - all deposited and ordered sums (including date & time) it listing mode.

Additional informative pages, as "terms of service", and page "provably fair" which describes how SHA-256 provable fair system works.

"logout.php" - logout for player.

Administrative area - in subdirectory admin.

"index.php" - login form to administration area.

when successfully logged, several links:

"players.php" - all list of registered players, including IP-address, date, time, email address, password, country, fun_chips, BTCaddress to deposit and and money in mBTC. There must be option for ban each player (and if this player logged in - show this message "you are banned for terms violation, etc).

"detalization.php" - option for admin, to view each player's bets and wins + date & time in list mode.

"changemoney.php" - option for admin to change each player's money. Must be 2 fields in form: player's name & desireble sum to add.

"orders.php" - must extract from database all orders, which was done by players. Must contain desireble sum and BTC address, which player's wants to withdraw bitcoins. After admin pays withdrawal, must be button tj change flag from queued to successfully done.

"bank.php" - form of game bank, how much money in mBTC in bank, 1 field to change. There must be ability for "dice.php", to check this field in each player's dice throw.

"statisitcs.php" - different stats, how much cash deposited by all players, how much bet's done, how much win/lose, etc more-more-more...

"options.php"- several game settings, for example as payouts for each bet & betrange (no lower than 1 mBTC)

"casinosaddr.php" - form for enter several btc addresses for each new player (will be assigned for new player)

"news.php" form to post info-text which will be shown at index.php

"logout.php" logout for admin

All this requires to create MySQL database structure, with several tables. Most important, is the "players" table, which must have several fields and flags: Players name (nickname), password, IP from wich it was registered, email, mBTC (0.00), fun_money(100.00), ban_flag (0/1), personal BTC address for deposit BTC, additional if required...

"bets" table which fixes each player's bet and win+sha256. bet's can be: higher or lower selected by player number (etc, higher than 5 or lower than 11). payouts must be modified from "options" in adminzone. This is most complex table, including: playername, bet(mBTC), datetime of bet, bet (higher/lower than(number)), result of dice (eg 3+6), result win/lose, sha256+signature.

"bank" field - is increased when player loses and decreased when player wins. Must be chekable by maingame script.

"orders" field - each players orders sums and their withdrawal BTC accounts.

"deposits" - deposits done by players incl. datetime

"withdrawals" - withdrawal orders incl BTC address + flag (0/1/2 - queued/succesfully done paid/cancelled-declined).

"chat" - 2 fields, player nickname and string, each chat line typed by player.

"news" - date and news text, typed by admin

more fields if required....

Protection is highly important, no opportunity must be from user to change mBTC amount from browser's linkfield.

Graphics for main pages NON-required, only for main dice-game.

Module must be included for last 20 bet's done by players.

Language switch module.

Skills required

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Blockchain
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14 day TaT 90 day service guarantee can begin immediately upon award and funding of milestones PM to discuss specifics and to get started

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I have a good experience to develop this kind of pocket dice game. This still requires further discussion via private chat. Let us discuss!

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