Security issue on our website

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Project Description

We have a security issue on our website with some new spam url we didn't create, probably a backdoor.

for example :

We would like to have someone who can :

- fix this issue

- check if the website doesn't have any other issue, we spot few other problems with our firewall scan (wordfence)

when it's done :

- update the plugins one by one, update wordpress/woocommerce and be sure this update will not bring any issue on the website.

Skills required

  • WordPress
  • WooCommerce
  • PHP
  • HTML
  • Posted 06:49 11/09/19
  • Ends 06:49 11/14/19
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hi, i'm an experience software engineer and can help you with your project deliverables. what you actually need is a pentesting expert to check for vuln on your site which i can help you perform. Hit me up let's discuss and get started right on time.

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Hi, i'm a software developer. I'm specialized in php, i've already resolve one time this kind of problem. This 'attack' come from an outdayed plugin, and can inject hidden php code inside a file, this file is the cause of the 'strange' links

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I have experience working with the woo commerce plugins for integrating online shop and payment. With my experience working on similar sites, I believe am the best fit for this opportunity

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