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I am looking for freelancer to develop app to crawl multiple sources/websites and to save that data into database. There will be front where this data will be presented. Think of flipboard/trivago but less simpler. Designs / brief / additional description will be provided once I find suitable freelancer/team.. Basically I am looking for full stack developer, so if you are one please let me know.

Would love to find someone trusted and someone I can count on for future works we have on mind. I am not looking for particular set of languages/frameworks but knowing Laravel would be big bonus.


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  • PHP
  • Laravel
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I carefully read the description of your project and from what I understand you need a web crawler app that will fetch from multiple source, and store data into DB. Being an experienced full stack developper, I have to work already on similar projects and can definitely do that for you. But I will be using nodejs not Php. Can we get in touch ? Regards.

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Hey, is there any possibility to split the work? I'm not a full-stack developer, but I could easily scrape the data and save them into database. Hit me up if you want to see my portfolio/reviews/discuss the project. Cheers!

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A little more detail into what you're looking for would be nice but I think I'm picking up what you're putting down ;) I'm inclined to do good work for you as I plan be working remotely through Europe starting in mid 2019. Maybe we can meet up in Split.

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Though I haven't understood fully the job but I am a full stack developer and can handle it

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