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We are hiring writers who can write articles of 600-1000 words on the latest cryptocurrency news. The articles can be on any topic, but they must be of high quality and written in fluent English. We are ready to pay $10/ article for the first few articles, and more if you continue to work for us.

Contact us at : cryptowriters@gmail.com

Skills required

  • Bitcoin
  • Cryptography
  • Investment Research
  • English (UK}
  • English (US}
  • Posted 16:42 06/22/17
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I'm interested in this job, so I'm thinking of sending you 4 or 5 articles a week, tell me how much is per day to start once, give me a chance and you will not regret it.

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I am available to start immediately and am willing to revise any and all articles until you are 100% satisfied. I am asking 0.005 an article (roughly $10 currently)

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I am a writer and I mostly do political articles, some of which concern economics. I have been active in the crypto-community since 2010, so I have lots of experience with mining/trading coins and the market as such.

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United States


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I'm a trusted user in the bitcointalk forum I've my own blog that I used to write I've stopped due to work. I would take 40% of payment upfront or 100% before starting to write, let me know.

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I will get the job done because I am the best there is..

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I can do it. I love writing articles, specially in English.

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I can write in your team, but i need a hint for every article. So i can make my researches and give you simplest form to make reader have fun while he is reading My article :). Good-luck finding a good writers ...Thank you.

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United States


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for the rate of my bid, I will write 5 articles weekly that not only meet your specs, but continuously drive traffic and interest in your site. I have been writing for 15 years in a variety of styles and topics, most recently in this exact field.

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its my work last review crypto-token please visit : http://www.news-crypto.com/2017/06/primalbase-you-can-get-office-nice.html

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I can use my extra time for this job

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I will be appreciated if you choose me

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