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We are looking for Financial writers that have a deep understanding of Blockchain technology to write for our sites crypto section.

Let me know how much you charge per article and how many you can write per day.

We are interested in original content only, no article rewrites.

Skills required

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I can create 1-2 articles (normal 500+ words) per day, but if you need more/less than that, let's talk about what you need and how I might help you get there.

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I have fairly good understanding of DLT from a number of perspectives and involved interests + experience with the workings under the hood. If you can provide more details on what it is you need more specifically, perhaps we might have a good fit.

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I have 15 years of professional writing/editing experience including work as a reporter and copy editor. And if you are trying to increase your visibility for SEO, smart keyword use can help put you ahead of the competition in your market.

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Hello, I have 7 years in freelance writing but in the last 3 years been focusing on cryptocurrency and blockchain content creation. I have experience in writing content for start-ups in the space covering output such as ICO white papers, blog posts, press releases and pitch decks. My rate above is per 1000 words you can email or Telegram or Skype for more samples or check my samples via the link and Just to mention I am an economics and finance graduate so I understand the financial industry well. Thank you

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I am a content developer and have been writing crypto-related contents for over a year. My clients include ICO project teams, cryptocurrency websites and crypto news websites and blogs. Some websites I write for are,,, and many others. I also craft ICO whitepapers for teams preparatory for crowdsale for topics ranging from mining, pool mining, exchanges, analysis, trading signal, news and trend for a wide range of digital currencies. Presently, I write 500 words unique articles for $25 irrespective of BTC value. Three of these articles can be delivered daily. My email is You may also reach me on Telegram@ Cyberczar1, Skype@Cyberczar for further negotiations.

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I am interested in your writing projects. I have been in technology for 15 years, founding several companies. I am going on two years in blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies; so I understand technology and distributed ledger technologies very well. During my business career, I have raised over $400 Million in equity and debt funding, working with angel investors, venture firms, investment banks, hedge funds, among others (one of the projects I co-founded was the Grand Sierra Resort Casino, Reno, NV); so I also have an understanding of how blockchain and cryptocurrency technologies are impacting the financial services industry. I have written numerous documents, business plans, presentations, as well as thousands of letters and business correspondence, so I think I have the technical wherewithal, industry knowledge and technical skills to excel in your writing projects. As far as my rate, I am flexible and will work within your parameters and the budget.

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Dear, I am a crypto enthusiast and I'm always keeping myself updated in this changing world. I follow the news of the most important currencies but focus more on Bitcoin. I would be glad to write articles for you. I would charge about 0.1 for article. Regards, Gian

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Technical Writer. Extensive experience in academic writing, corporate reports, training manuals, product manuals, creative content. Currently passionate about crypto currencies and FinTech in general. Price depends on article length.

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