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Project Description

We are working on financial hub project for long time now.
We are small team of web developers, crypto-mathematicians and enthusiasts.

Looking for ICO experience marketing/ PR expert - to prepare a comprehensive plan.
Part time. Skype and whatsapp as communication method are prefered. Voice communication is also good but not a must.
Europe time.

Please feel free to refer a friend: researcher/writer/ analyst / coder who was or is involved with successful ICO - pls link them to this thread. Referral fee will be allocated and released after ICO.

PM me!
Many thanks.

Skills required

  • Research Writing
  • Posted 10:46 07/03/17
  • Ends 14:46 07/23/17
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  • Report Project
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Prolific web content creator, steemian, versed in strategic marketing for any target audience with over 3 years in public speaking. A cryptomaniac public commentator & researcher, so promoting cryptocurrency comes effortlessly to me. Capable of handling marketing and PR management on ICOs.

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Expert marketing content producer for companies. Lately been focusing on ICO's, press releases and articles on crypto currencies.

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