Looking for researcher to gather business information

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Need research done on a specific type of business.


-Find top 20 companies in the industry and gather their info: website, contact email, phone numbers, websites, name of founders, and locations are active in.

-List the services and benefits they offer

-List the prices they charge

This protect needs to be presents in a professional grade report. It will be used by an executive board. Financial information and services should be presented in charts/excel when appropriate.

Skills required

  • Research Writing
  • Business Intelligence
  • Excel
  • Statistics
  • Financial Research
  • Posted 10:00 10/26/17
  • Ends 22:09 11/07/17
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I can have this project done within hours. I have years of experience on projects such as these through sites such as upwork and elance. I'm well educated and I'll get the job done in a timely and professional manner. Best, Jane

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Hi, I already work on such jobs in my office. Will be pleased to work for you. Thanks!

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I'm a dynamic young man who wants to work above all right now.

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I am exactly who you are looking for and I would be the perfect candidate for this position and hope to provide you with a detailed and complete report.

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I am a writer and a research and will give you a professional report on the project. I have had experience in business development and clearly understand the demand of this work.

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I'll do a good job since I'm an analyst working for a consulting company.

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Hi, I am a technical writer. This has entailed a great deal of work involving extensive research, the findings of which are then presented in reports. I am experienced, detailed and work at a fast rate.

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