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I need nice profile Campaign Signature that will promote this site. Design it and make it look good.

My status is: Sr. Member

Provide examples of your work to be considered, or you can design on, and post a link to it.

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  • Banner Design
  • HTML
  • Forum Software
  • Posted 00:15 06/23/17
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cissrawk (1)

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I can make simple one, example : its very simple so maybe payment doesnt too much. I already have the code. PM me if you interest, i can make simple avatar with cheap price too.

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Count me in and consider it DONE! this is the thread of my alt account:

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Keeping it real!

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I am experienced signature designer. My past works :

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I'm not a new designer, but I am new to bitcoin signatures.:) Regardless, if you need some design work, I am happy to help. Please find a copy of my portfolio here:

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I have samples I will upload to the bitcointalk private messaging system for you.

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