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Freelancer cissrawk (1) 10 months ago

Design Campaign Signature

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"Nice! He is very nice guys and easy too talk, if you want work with him. I reccomend it!"

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Freelancer louvandetta (1) 9 months ago

Tweet About!

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"What a great person :D"

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Freelancer mrvuuu (1) 9 months ago

Translate English to Russian

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"clear objective, fast pay"

Russian Translation English (US}

Freelancer codeops3305 (1) 9 months ago

Promote on Twitter

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"Quick, simple, and to the point; as all business should be. Thanks for the project. Look forward to working with this employer again."


Freelancer tosmartak (1) 8 months ago

Looking for Technical blogger to blog about my site

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"Always clear and straight to the point. I had no issue working with this employer and will definitely work with him again."

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