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Freelancer cissrawk (1) 1 year ago

Design Campaign Signature

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"Nice! He is very nice guys and easy too talk, if you want work with him. I reccomend it!"

Banner Design HTML Forum Software

Freelancer louvandetta (1) 1 year ago

Tweet About!

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"What a great person :D"

Twitter Internet Marketing

Freelancer mrvuuu (1) 1 year ago

Translate English to Russian

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"clear objective, fast pay"

Russian Translation English (US}

Freelancer codeops3305 (2) 1 year ago

Promote on Twitter

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"Quick, simple, and to the point; as all business should be. Thanks for the project. Look forward to working with this employer again."


Freelancer tosmartak (1) 1 year ago

Looking for Technical blogger to blog about my site

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"Always clear and straight to the point. I had no issue working with this employer and will definitely work with him again."

Blog Technical Writing SEO

Freelancer rhyzom (1) 11 months ago

Looking for reddit mod and Poster for subreddit

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"To the point and no delays."

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