Looking for CryptoDeveloper Expert C experience

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Software Development

Created by : milad (5)

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Project Description

I need an expert crypto developer to help with updating my cryptocoin. I need to integrate features from different coins into my coin, and need someone who is an absolute expert!

Skills required

  • C Programming
  • Cryptography
  • Posted 11:54 10/12/17
  • Ends 15:54 11/12/17
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I have 10 years of experience in C++ computer programming. And I have working knowledge of web programming which can be really helpful to have more secure transactions.

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Im a very good specialist

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United States


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I am a skilled developer. What kind of coin do you need? Are you sure you need a C programmer and not C++?

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United States


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I have coded in C for many years and have also coded custom features for different crypto-currency clients ( like bitcoin core).

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Hello! I have over 7 years of C and Bitcoin Core internals experience. I can made required changes for your fork.

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